Financial Report - Debtors

The aged debtors report in coreplus allows your practice to see how much money is owing to your practice for invoices generated within certain time frames. Once the report has been generated, you can;

  • Export the data as a CSV file
  • SMS clients with their outstanding amounts and invoice numbers
  • Batch print the invoices, so they can be mailed

To access this report, go to 'Dashboard' > 'Financial > 'Debtors'

Generating a Debtors Report

  1. Optional define client groups which clients are allocated to
  2. Optionally define which sites to clients are allocated to
  3. Optionally define which practitioner clients are allocated to

Press 'Generate' when you are finished.


Insurer and Employer Filter: You can type in the name of an insurer or employer to filter out results.


Once the debtors report has been generated, the amounts owing will be broken down by how many days since the invoice has been created.

  1. Print - Prints the current page
  2. CSV Export - Exports out the data in a CSV file
  3. SMS Clients - Generates an SMS to the debtors notifying them that they have money outstanding with your practice (please see instructions below for more details)
  4. Line Totals - Generates a batch invoice for all of the clients outstanding invoices
  5. Overall Total - Generates a batch invoice for all of the invoices outstanding

SMS Your Debtors

SMSing your debtors has proven to be a succesful method of notifying your clients of their debt with your practice. Once a debtors report has been generated, and the 'SMS Clients' has been clicked:

  1. Optionally select the debt age range of debtors
  2. Tick off which clients to send an SMS to (only available to clients who have a mobile number entered)
  3. Press 'Send SMSs' when you are finished

What SMS is being sent to the client?

To customise the SMS received by the client, from your Dashboard go to 'Customise' -> 'SMS Outstanding Invoices Template'

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