Medicare Report - Bulk Bill Claims

What is this feature?
The Medicare 'Bulk Bill Claims' report is used to search the status of any bulk bill claims that have been sent of to Medicare.

How can i access this feature?
Dashboard > Medicare (Under Reports) > Bulk Bill Claims tab (As shown i the image above)

How can i use this feature?
This feature is used by entering in certain information about a claim. Once this has been entered, the report will give a summary of information relating to that claim. The report needs that initial information however to do its work. That can be one of the three items below.

  • Claim ID - Can be obtained by clicking the 'BB' button in the Actions drop down box (On the invoicing screen). Click 'View Report' and then the 'Payment Report' tab. A typical claim ID would be A2411@
  • Transaction ID - Best found in the results of this report. It is recommended to enter the invoice number and then obtain the transaction ID in this report (Transaction IDs have many characters in them).
  • Invoice Number - Can be obtained by navigating to the clients file and looking under invoices.

Once you have one of the above three pieces of information, you can enter it into the text box. If you would like to check multiple claims, you can click the 'Add Claim' button. Once you have entered in the information, click 'Generate'

Reviewing the results

Claim ID
This is an identifier that Medicare use to identify their claims. Just like coreplus uses invoice numbers, Medicare use Claim ID's.

Amount Owing
The amount that Medicare is yet to pay.

Practitioner who submitted the claim.

The date the claim was submitted

Medicare Response
This response can be broken don into two sections,

  • Claim - This provides information regarding the status of the claim. If the claim went through successfully the response 'This task has been completed successfully' will be displayed. If the claim did not go through successfully, a reason will be displayed.
  • Payment - This part provides information regarding the payment of the claim. It shows how much has been paid by Medicare.

Medicare Transaction ID
The Transaction ID is a code that coreplus receives from Medicare. It can be used when contacting Medicare to identify an invoice.

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