Extract a data backup on a Windows PC

Backing up you data is a simple process and can done in a few minutes. The data is exported in a CSV (comma-separated values) format which is very easy and accessible for users to use. The steps below will guide you on how to back up your data.
  • Please note, the option to export your data will not be available unless you have subscribed to coreplus.
  • The backing up of data can only be done by a supervisor.
  • For PC users, a recommended file extraction software is 7zip.

 Step 1 - Select 'Settings'



Step 2 - Select 'Data Backup'


Step 3 - Click 'Run New Backup'


  • You will now be presented with a screen like the one above. This screen details all previous backups, and their basic information.
  • To create a new backup click 'Run New Backup'

Step 4 - Select the data you wish to backup. then click 'Save Backup'


  • Once 'Run New Backup' has been selected, the above screen will be presented.
  • Simply enter the mobile number you would like the password to be sent to 
  • Select which data you would like to backup.
  • Once you have entered the mobile number and selected which data you would like to backup, you can finish by clicking 'Save Backup'

Step 5 - Retrieving your Data Backup

Accessing the Backup can be done by repeating steps one and two (Setup > Settings > Data Backup). 

Your data backup is typically done within 24 hours. However, you will know when it is complete when you receive an SMS (An SMS will be sent out between 11am and 12pm AEST). When you get an SMS from coreplus with your password, you will know your backup is completed.

Once you have accessed your backup, users typically save it to their local computer and delete it from their coreplus account. This is done to preserve space on your coreplus account.

It is suggested to use a utility such as 7zip to access your backup. 7zip can be downloaded from here. Further instructions on how to use 7zip to open up your backup, can be found below.

Step 6 - Opening your Data Backup - Using 7zip to open up and access your data backup

  • Once 7zip has been installed and you have your backup on your computer, its time to access the backup
  • You can easily Right click on your Backup folder, then select "Extract files" to a folder you specify.


  • Once the 'Extract Files' button has been clicked, you can now select were you would like to extract the files to.
  • Selecting 'Desktop' will extract the files to your desktop.
  • Once you have chosen a location to extract your files, you can now click 'Ok'
  • 1: Where your extracted files will appear
  • 2: You can choose another file destination to extract files to.


  • Once 'Ok' has been clicked, you will now be prompted to enter your password. You will have received your password, in the SMS you received.
  • Simply enter your password and click 'Ok'



  • Once you have entered your password, 7zip will now proceed to extract your files to the location you set earlier.
  • You should now have access to your backup data.
  • Please note: This data can be copied and pasted into Microsoft Excel for a clean presentation.

Possible complications

A typical issue that users run into, is when they try to access their backup from their local computer. When they try to open the backup they are then presented with a message similar to the one below,

'Windows cannot open the folder. The compressed (zipped) folder is invalid'

This message is typically shown, when the required software is not installed. 

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