Set up mail on the Mac Mail app

Step 1 - Select the 'Mail' tab and click on 'Add Account' 

Step 2 - Select 'Add Other Mail Account' then click 'Continue' 

Step 3 - Enter your coreplus email address (e.g. and password. Then click 'Create'

A message will display saying that "the account will need to be configured manually." Click 'Next'

Step 4 - Ensure Account Type is set to 'IMAP' and enter the mail sever as Then click 'Next'

Step 5 - You will be given the option to enter outgoing mail server information.

  • SMTP Server:
  • Username: your coreplus username e.g. jsmith
  • Password: your coreplus password

The mail application will now verify the account and sign in.

James Hogan -

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