Sending through a support request



Sending thorugh a support email is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes.

  • Simply navigate to the Dashboard and select Help from the toolbar.
  • From the dropdown list then select 'Contact Us'

A brief overview of the email.

Type of contact

  1. Help: Select Help if the content of the email is requiring help.
  2. Feature Request: coreplus users can request additional features to be added or certain things to be changed. The coreplus development team will asses these requests and take the appropriatre action. Feature requests are encouraged by all users in an effort to make coreplus a more useable and functional system.
  3. Feedback: If coreplus users have any feedback (Positive or Negative), we would love to to hear about it.
  4. Other: If the above tags do not satify the content of the email. Please select Other.

Sending through attachments are a great way to help the coreplus support team identify problems. They also serve as a great way of sending through information.

The content of the email. It is always helpful to the coreplus staff to be as descriptive as possible.

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