How to setup a Join.Me session?

A session allows a customer support representative to view a clients screen from a remote location. This is a great tool that allows matters to be looked into and resolved relatively quickly.

Please note: sessions generally take place over a phone call. A time is generally organized for a support representative and a client to contact each other so matters can be sorted out over the phone whilst doing a session.

Step 1


  • The first step to be would be to open up a new tab and enter '' in the URL section
  • Once entered, load the page by pressing enter

Step 2


  • Once the page has loaded, you should be presented with a screen similar to the one above
  • Select 'Basic' and click the orange play button
  • Your PC will now begin to download a small temporary application. Once this application has been downloaded, run it from your PC.

Step 3


  • Once the application has loaded up, you should see a box appear similar to the one above.
  • As shown in the image above, there is a 9 digit number. This number should be passed through to the support representative, who will then enter the number on their end.
  • Once done, the support representative should now be able to view your screen.

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