How to resize my image?

If you have uploaded an image and it appears to be larger than expected, it will need to be re-sized.

Step 1 - Open Paint

  • Click the start button
  • Click All Programs, Accessories and then Paint

Step 2 - Paste the image in


  • Pasting the image in can be done numerous ways. An easy way to do it is to simply drag the file into the Paint work space as shown above

Step 3 - Resize the image



  • Click the two square icons, located in the top panel
  • This will bring forward another screen labeled 'Resize and Skew'
  • Keep the 'Maintain aspect ratio' check box selected so the image keeps its aspect ratio
  • Resize the image to the dimensions you would like it and press 'Ok' (You can also select the 'Pixels' radio box instead of Percentage)

Step 4 - Save the image


  • Now that the image has been re-sized, it can be saved.
  • Save the image as a jpeg, gif or png.
  • You can now upload your re-sized image to coreplus.

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