The Essential Guide to Daily Activities

This guide assumes you have completed the Essential Setup Guide.

What's this Essential Guide for?

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when you start using a new piece of software.

The guide helps put coreplus into the context of your day-to-day practice requirements.

This guide covers all coreplus features. If you can't find a feature in your account you may need to upgrade your account to a different plan; or adjust the plan you are trialling.

1. At the start of the day...

Grab a cup of coffee; or your favourite juice blend & get yourself in the zone for the day ahead.

Check your reports...

Get an understanding of how your practice is running:


2. Booking appointments for clients...

A client has phoned in and wants to see one of your incredible practitioners.

Set up Schedules to minimise booking mistakes

Create schedules for each practitioner to stop incorrect appointments being made.

3. When the client arrives for the appointment...

You can double-click on the appointment and tick boxes to change the status of it. 


4. During the consultation...

You can do a lot of things to keep track of key information:

Capture more information


5. After the consultation...

Create an invoice

6. End of day...

Here are a few popular end of day reports:

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