The Essential Set Up Guide


This guide is designed to get your coreplus trial up & running. 


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Set up your coreplus account for the first time

1. Set up sites for your practice

  • Sites are the locations where you practice.
  • If you do home-visits, you could simply add a site called 'Home Visit'; or add sites for every area (suburbs, districts or postcodes) you want to report on later on.
  • Important: You need at least one site set up so you can:
    - Manage appointments at that site; and
    - Add practitioners' provider numbers for that site.


2. Set up users

  • Users are people who work in your practice that need access to coreplus.
There are three user access levels:
  • Supervisors - for practice owners, practice managers and team leaders who have access to everything in the account.
  • Case Managers - for practitioners who need access to things like client data, but not to things like financial reporting.
    • Case managers are assigned to clients when an appointment is made.

  • Administrators - are receptionists, bookkeepers, accountants, and other admin & clerical staff.
    • By default, this access level does not include access to confidential client data.


3. Configure your calendar


4. Set up Service Types

  • Service types are the goods or services that you charge your clients for.
  • Start billing clients for these service types when you create invoices.


5. Brand your coreplus


6. Set up Medicare Claiming

  • Note: This feature is only available on the eHealth & Group plans.
  • Easily process Patient Claims on the spot.
  • Send Bulk Bill and DVA claims online when you save an invoice. 
  • Streamline your processes and receive rebates within days, not weeks.


Great effort! You've now covered off the basics. 

You're ready to explore the Essential Guide to Daily Activities,

To really get an understanding of coreplus helps you Practice Happy on a daily basis.


Optional integrations to optimise your practice

7. Integrate with Xero

  • Save heaps of time and effort with your accounting and bookkeeping 
  • Our integration automatically syncs your invoices and payments. No manual intervention required!
  • Sign up to Xero, then...
  • Set up the sync and you're all done!

8. Integrate with HealthEngine

  • Increase your client flow with HealthEngine! By integrating your coreplus account with HealthEngine you can attract new customers through their online booking portal.
  • You can request to enable HealthEngine and get further information through our HealthEngine Add-On page.


9. Make payments easy with Tyro

  • By adding Tyro to your coreplus account you gain the ability to process EFTPOS payments and Health Fund claims directly within an invoice and apply the payment in real time.
  • To integrate Tyro with your coreplus account you should begin by contacting Tyro to order your terminal


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