Using 'Help' in coreplus

Within coreplus itself there are various useful links to the support resources that are available to you, this article covers how to access and utilise these resources.


Navigating to the 'Help' menu


The 'Help' menu can be found on the 'Top Menu Bar' of coreplus, this category contains a number of useful links for our users to gain access to our support options.


The Help Centre


Our 'Help Centre' functionality allows you to access any our support centre documents easily from within coreplus


Feature Requests


Using the 'Feature Requests' option you are able to request any new features that may be useful to implement within coreplus


 Live Chat


The 'Live Chat' functionality allows you to talk to the coreplus support team in real time through our instant messaging service




The 'Email' option will take you directly to details of the various options we have for getting in touch with us directly.


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