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coreplus has now integrated a Live Chat feature, which will allow you to talk to one of our support team via instant messaging if you are in need of assistance. Live Chat is available from 9am-5pm EDT from Monday to Friday.

1. The 'Live Chat' feature can be found under 'Help', found across the top toolbar on the dashboard. It will indicate whether one (or more) of our support staff is available for a Live Chat session by either saying 'Online' or 'Offline'.


2. If our support staff are available, then the above screen will appear upon clicking the 'Live Chat' button. Your email should be filled out automatically. In the 'Your question' field, describe the problem you are having, then click on 'Chat with us'. Our support team will be notified of your request for a Live Chat session.


3. The chat screen will now appear. One of our support staff will reply as quickly as possible and assist you. Feel free to further describe your issue and ask any questions you need. Once finished, simply close the window.

4. If no support staff are currently available (i.e. Live Chat is 'offline') you are still able to click on the Live Chat button. You will be taken to a contact form, where you can email through the problem you are experiencing. One of our support staff will reply as soon as possible.

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