The Essential Guide to Invoicing


The Invoicing Screen

There are two main versions of the Invoicing page, one for Medicare claims and one for standard invoices.

These pages will change depending on the options that you have selected, one example of this is how the page changes for different types of Medicare claims.


Invoicing For Medicare


Submitting a Bulk Bill claim designates that the invoice amount will be paid directly from Medicare to the practice

Submitting a Patient claim designates that the invoice amount will be paid by the client and then rebated to them by Medicare

Submitting a DVA claim designates that the invoice amount will be paid directly from Medicare to the practice, and that the patient is also a DVA card holder

Depending which of these options are selected there will be different options available on the invoice itself, follow the guides above for individual instructions for each type of claim.


Adding Service Types to an invoice

When adding individual service types they will appear in list form as you type them, once the service is selected the financial information such as "Fee" and "GST" will appear automatically.

You will need to have added service types into your account prior to being able to generate invoices!


Taking a Payment


You can register individual payments for each service type on the invoice, this can be achieved by selecting the small "$" button at the end of each line item. Alternatively you can select "Payment/Auto Assign" to make a payment against the overall balance. Using this screen you can also process Refunds and Credits for each individual service.


Editing Invoices

Once an invoice has been unlocked you can edit it before saving it or resubmitting it to Medicare. When editing you have access to all of the options that were available when creating the invoice.

By utilising each of these features in conjunction with each other you should be prepared for any eventuality when invoicing, if you have any more questions about invoicing please feel free to take a look at our other invoicing content or contact our support team!

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