The Essential Guide to Medicare Claiming

Medicare and DVA integrated claiming is available on eHealth and Group plans only.

Medicare and DVA claiming within coreplus is a powerful tool designed to make Bulk Billing and Patient Claiming with Medicare easy and integrated.

By the end of this guide you will be able to create and submit your first claim, whether Medicare or DVA.

Getting Ready for Medicare

Before you can start claiming there are a few short setup steps that will enable you to use this feature to it's full potential.


Each of these steps enable your coreplus account to connect directly to medicare and transmit your claims in real time.


Invoicing with Medicare

When invoicing for Medicare within coreplus there are a number of differences from the standard invoicing screen, these include a number of fields for information to be submitted to Medicare directly.

 Depending on the type of claim that's being created there are some minor differences in the way that these are claimed.

  • Bulk Bill claims are paid directly to the practice in exchange for services.
  • Patient claims are paid directly to the patient after they pay the practice for services rendered.
  • DVA claims can fall into either of the above categories but are only made for DVA card holders.


Receiving a Response

Once you've submitted a claim you will receive an instant response from the Medicare servers.

You will then see a number of potential outcomes on the Invoicing screen from within the client file.

 Once you receive the "Locked - The task has been completed successfully" message in the "Status" section this means that your claim has been successfully submitted to Medicare.

If you receive any other messages in the "Status" section this would signify that either the claim has not yet been submitted to Medicare or that an error has been encountered in submitting the claim.

As coreplus ties directly into the Medicare online servers all this information is delivered to you in real time and Medicare claiming becomes easy and intuitive.


You will also receive reports from us to update you on the previous days claims and the status of those claims with Medicare, for Bulk Billing claims your invoices will be automatically updated to reflect payments made against them by Medicare.

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