Using the Invoice Populator

A neat way to save you more time.

Are you wasting time filling out the same invoice fields every time?

Define how your invoice will be populated to reduce the time it takes to create a new invoice.


Step 1 - Create a new invoice and open the populator menu

Step 2 - Select "Add New" to create a new template

Step 3 - Fill out the fields you would like to populate on the invoice


  1. Give your template a name that describes its purpose
  2. Select who the invoice will be for, E.G. Client or referrer
  3. Select the contact type with the invoice recipient
  4. Select the location that the invoice was created for
  5. Choose the provider number of the practitioner the invoice is for
  6. Enter the service types you want to invoice for in this template

Step 4 - Save your template

 Once your template is saved you can select it from the drop-down menu and apply it to your current invoice.


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