The Essential Guide to Letters & Templates

Within coreplus you are able to generate letters to fit a number of purposes, by having a built in system for creating templates to fit these different uses we enable you to save a substantial amount of time when comparing this process to manually creating letters in a word processor.


This guide will take you through the process of creating these templates and applying them to the everyday running of your practice, throughout the guide you will find a number of links to more in depth articles for various workflows for the different aspects of generating letters.


Creating and Managing Templates

By selecting "Settings" from the dashboard followed by "Letters" under the "Templates" heading you can create letter templates to be used for various recipients. When creating templates you can use pre-populated placeholders to insert information from your coreplus account such as client names, referrer names and addresses. You can also add images to your templates from this screen 

From this view you can also select pre-existing templates and edit them if necessary.

Case Notes 


When creating case notes you will see a similar interface to the one used to create letter templates. You will notice some differences between this interface and the one we used to create letters earlier, to avoid over complicating your case notes we have trimmed down the letter writer to suit this usage.

Within the case notes section you can also create templates for different uses and manage these from within this menu.

Generating Letters

 From within each separate client file in coreplus you can generate letters based on the various templates that you have created in your settings. Using the options provided at the top of the section you can choose a number of different recipients as well as allocate referrals and practitioners to your letter.

In this section you are also able to fully edit the letter before generating and printing or emailing it.

Other Functionality

Once you have saved a letter it will be saved to that clients individual files section. From there if you want to edit or email the file you can do so by selecting the file from the menu.


By utilising these features in conjunction with one another you can really make the most of your coreplus subscription by greatly reducing the time spent communicating and recording through text using pre-populating templates.


If you have any further questions regarding letters in coreplus please feel free to take a look at our other articles on the subject. Alternatively contact support by emailing us at

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