Sync calendar with mobile devices & web calendars (iCal syncing)

The coreplus calendar supports iCal standards, which allows iCal compatible devices to view appointments locally. Typical devices compatible with iCal are iPhone, iPad or any web calendar application.

Please note: The iCal feed is one way and only allows for appointments to be read. Appointments accessible through an iCal feed cannot be updated, created or deleted from your device.


How to find your iCal URL

Step 1 - Navigate to the calendar.

Step 2 - Click on Settings. 

Step 3 - Select the 'iCal' tab.



Please note: Do not under any circumstances give out your iCal URL to any parties, as your appointments can be viewed.


Adding your iCal feed to an Apple Device

Step 1 - Open the Settings App.


Step 2 - Scroll down and select the 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars' option.

Step 3 - Select 'Add Account.'

Step 4 - Select 'Other.'

Step 5 - Select 'Add Subscribed Calendar.'

Step 6 - Enter the iCal address, and select 'Next.'

Step 7 - Leave the 'Username' and 'Password' fields blank, and click 'Save.'

Step 8 - Open the Calendar App to view your coreplus appointments.


Syncing with Google Calendar (and Android)

By default, the Android OS calendar does not have a native iCal client like the Apple OS. The coreplus calendar can still be synced through an Android device however with a work around, by first syncing your coreplus calendar to your GMail account and then syncing your GMail account to your Android OS.

To sync your coreplus calendar with your Google calendar:

  1. Login to your GMail calendar account, by going to
  2. On the left of the calendar, click on the arrow next to 'Other Calendars' then select 'Add by URL'
  3. In the URL field, enter your iCal URL and press 'Add Calendar' (DO NOT click Make this calendar publicly accessible). 
  4. Once your calendar has been added successfully, it will appear on the left of your Google calendar account titled coreplus Calendar

Google Calendar and Caching Issues
Some coreplus customers have reported that their Google Calendar is not refreshing consistently or often enough. This issue has been recognized by Google and progress about it can be read here



Once your coreplus calendar has been synced up to your Google Calendar, and your Google account has already been synced with your Android device, to sync your coreplus calendar to your Android:

  1. On your Android device, go to the 'Calendar' application and go to 'Settings' -> 'Calendars'
  2. In the list of Calendars displayed, your coreplus Calendar should be there. Ensure it is ticked.




Adding your iCal feed to your Hotmail or Windows Live Account


To add your coreplus Calendar to your Hotmail or Windows Live account.

  1. Login to your Hotmail or Windows Live account, and click on 'Subscribe' along the top of the Calendar.
  2. Select the option 'Subscribe to public calendar'
  3. In the 'Calendar URL' field, enter your coreplus iCal URL
  4. Give the calendar a meaning name, such as 'coreplus Calendar'
  5. Press 'Subscribe to calendar' when you are finished



Adding your iCal feed to Microsoft Outlook


1. In Outlook, select 'File', 'Account Settings' and then 'Account Settings' from the drop down list that appears.


2. From the 'Account Settings' screen that appears, select the 'Internet Calendars' tab and then select the 'New' button. The iCal URL can then be entered into the subsequent pop-up box.


3. When the 'Subscription Options' screen appears, simply enter a 'Folder Name' as desired and then select 'OK'. The 'Account Settings' screen can then be closed.


4. The iCal feed which has been entered should now be a selectable option when viewing the Outlook calendar. Any appointments made on the coreplus calendar should now appear in Outlook.

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