Map Appointment Types to your Specialties

Why map appointments to specialities?

Online booking portals or online directory add-ons, like the coreplus Client Portal or HealthEngine, rely on these mappings to be configured. 

We want the relevant Appointment Types to be seen by your clients when they choose a Speciality during their booking.


The Appointment Types that you create on your calendar can be mapped to the Specialities you define when setting up your Practitioner Profiles.

Best practice recommendation

  • Ensure that your Appointment Types are defined with clear names and appropriate lengths so that your clients can choose them appropriately. Clients will have visibility of some (or all) of your Appointment Types.

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Step 1 - Select 'Settings' under 'Setup', then 'Map Specialities to Appointment Types'




Step 2 - Click on a Speciality

After clicking on a Speciality, some extra fields will appear on the right of screen where you will map the Appointment Types


Step 3 - 'Click and Drag' Appointment Types into the chosen Speciality

  • As shown above, you can drag across any Appointment Types you wish to be associated with the Speciality you've chosen
  • You can also drag Appointments Types out of the Speciality


Step 4 - Press 'Save'

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