Pair Your Tyro Terminal with coreplus

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Step 1 - Select 'Add Ons' under 'Setup'

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Step 2 - Select 'Tyro'


Step 3 - Select your terminal type


Step 4 - Follow the instructions on screen to pair your terminal


The instructions that appear on your screen after completing Step 4 (pictured above) are to be followed on the Tyro terminal.

On your terminal, you will need to select the following options:

Please note, the following are steps for the 'Yomani' terminal. Other terminals may have different steps to follow

  1. Select the 'Menu' button
  2. Select 'Configuration'
  3. Select 'Integrated EFTPOS'
  4. Select 'Pair with POS'

After completing the above steps, your terminal should present you with your 'MID' (Merchant ID) and 'TID' (Terminal ID). After this, press the 'Next' button within coreplus (pictured above)


Step 5 - Enter your Merchant ID and Terminal ID within coreplus



As per step 4, your terminal should have presented your Merchant ID and Terminal ID. Enter these into the relevant fields and then press 'Authorise'. This will bring up an additional pop-up (pictured below).

As described, press the 'Start' option on your terminal. This should be the final step!


Step 6 - Pairing complete

If all has gone well, you should receive a pop-up similar to the above. Simply press 'OK' and you're all done!


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