Cancel a Health Fund Claim

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Please note: This action can only be performed on an invoice where a Tyro Health Fund Claim has been previously taken. 


Step 1 - Open the relevant invoice


This is done by either clicking on the relevant invoice number, or by selecting 'Actions' and 'Edit'


Step 2 - Press the '$' button next to the relevant service item



Step 3 - Press the 'Cancel' option next to the payment




Step 4 - Process the cancellation with your Tyro Terminal

After selecting 'Cancel' in step 3, a screen similar to the above should appear. When this occurs, follow the prompts on your Tyro terminal to process the cancellation.


Step 5 - Accept the Claim Assessment



Step 6 - The Claim Result Screen should now appear. Press 'Close' to proceed


Step 7 - Press 'Save' or 'Update Invoice'

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