What can I do with a Secure Message

View message details

If the client already exists in coreplus, the system will match up the message to the client's file. However, if the new message looks a little like the one below, you might need to expand out the message details, or the 'raw data' of the message to see who the message belongs to. 




To expand the message details, click on arrow next to the message status. 



Assign details to a secure message

If coreplus has been able to identify the client's details, it will automatically assign them to the message. If not, it's pretty quick and easy to assign the details to the message fields.

Please note, the client will need to be added into coreplus before they will appear on the search results page



Click either 'Update Details' or 'Update and Back' to save the new details 



Editing the file name and viewing the document




Renaming attachments

By default, the file name will come to coreplus with a  string of numbers and letters. You can rename the attachment to your preference of file name. 

Step 1 -  Click on the pencil icon to edit the file name


Step 2 - Click the tick icon to save the name change




Previewing the attachment

If the attachment was sent as a PDF, clicking the preview icon will allow you to view the attachment without having to save the file first. 


You can also download and save the attachment to your computer, by clicking the download button. This option will be available for any file type. 




Finalising a Secure Message


A Secure Message can be marked as completed, or archived to clear up your inbox. You can always filter the inbox for 'Completed' messages to find those specific messages.

To finalise a message, select the 'Mark as Completed' button in the top right corner of a message



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