Secure Messaging overview

Welcome to your Secure Messaging inbox

You will find your Secure Messaging inbox in the Communications drop-down list on your menu panel. The inbox provides you with a comprehensive view of all the messages you have received and their respective status for the last month from the date you are viewing the inbox, by default. 

The latest version of Secure Messaging allows you to access Secure Messages within a client file that are relevant to that client. Want to know what to do with a Secure Message once you've received one? Check out our What can I do with a Secure Message article. 



Your messages

You can view your received Secure Messages in this section of the inbox. Much like an email inbox, your message headers help you identify the details of your message:  

ID - This is the coreplus unique identifier for the message. 
Sending Facility - The practice that is sending the message. 
Receiving Facility - The practice that is receiving the message. 
Date - The date you received the message. 
Status - The status of the message. This changes as you put the message through different stages manually 
Sender - The practitioner who sent the message. 
Receiver - The practitioner who received the message. 
Patient - The patient whom the message is regarding. 


Refine your inbox view

You can get a more refined view of your messages to allow for quicker access to the message you are looking to access or to get a deeper understanding of all your messages. 

Show/Hide fields
Ticking and unticking fields allows you to display the columns you want to see in Message Details. 


Keyword search
Use the keyword search field to search for messages that have already been assigned. For example, you can search for messages relevant to a specific patient, referrer or practitioner by typing in their name. 



Message status search
Refine messages by their status. Status' are defined as: 
Received - the message is in your inbox but an acknowledgement has not been sent to the practitioner who sent the message. 
Ack - Receiving Acknowledged - an acknowledgement 'ack' has been sent to the practitioner who sent the message.
Pending Assignment - message received and ack sent but the message is not assigned to a client/practitioner/referrer yet.
Assigned - the message is assigned to a client/practitioner/referrer. 
Completed - the message has been assigned. 
Rejected - the message rejected by a practitioner for various reasons.
Failed - message part received or missing data; coreplus has deemed it as failed
Archive - message in a 'Completed' state that is moved to the status of archived so as to clean up
Deleted - the message has been deleted. 

Date filter
Refine your message results by a date range. Pick your start date in the left calendar box and an end date in the right calendar box, the dates you pick highlight in orange to guide you. Alternatively, quick pick a date range by selecting pre-defined date options in the orange text underneath the calendar boxes. 



Referral Status - This field contains the status of the referral as defined by either the referred-to or referred-by provider. 
Referral Priority - This field contains the urgency of the referral.
Referral Type - This field contains the type of referral. It is loosely associated with a clinical speciality or type of resource. 
Referral Disposition - This field contains the type of response or action that the referring provider would from the referred-to provider. 
'Clear filters' allows you to quickly remove any filters you have applied. 


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